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Getting Business into AI

Generative AI: Adopt, Adapt, Flourish.

We educate and enable access to AI, to help companies thrive and build value, but also to ease inequity, and improve the lives of a more diverse group of individuals and organisations.

How we can help

Generative AI is here, and expected to impact around a quarter (1/4) of all industries and roles. 

We provide four distinct services to address different types of organisation, need and (Gen AI) maturity levels. 

If you are looking for a jump start to get ahead of the field, or keen to build a new AI based Product, we can help.

A hands-on course.

A hands-on taught course for leaders and managers looking to build their own knowledge and begin using and benefiting from GenAI 

Usage and adoption programs

Upskilling and encouraging teams in the practical use of Generative AI tools.

Setting up oversight and interest groups to support organisational maturity. 

Bespoke apps & proprietary data

With Generative AI, stepping up from off-the-shelf tool usage generally means customised workflows and integration of your own data sets and sources. 

AI Lead Product planning & creation

Already have a product vision? Our team can support every step along the path to its launch & product lifecycle. 

Generative AI:
Safely and ethically.

There are significant benefits and competitive advantages to using Generative AI, but also risks and limitations.


Understanding and planning around these is essential in achieving both short and long term success with your AI initiatives. 

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