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Trialing AI driven Data Analysis

AI Platfrom & App Store

OpenAI has recently created and opened access to an App Store for apps that leverage its models. Many of the plugins have been developed by the OpenAI team, but some connect with third party providers.

One of the Apps supports Data Analysis, which is interesting because this is a field in which language based models have tranditionally struggled. So I thought I would take it for a test ride!

My Take

For most peple who dont have access to a tooled up team of data scientists this is a great place to start. Its trivial to get started and does some valuable analysis as well providing supporting and guiding information.

Watch the test drive:

The summary of the demo...

I requested it analyze the anonimous uploaded zip file.

It unzipped the file, analyzed the CSV data, and suggested possible analyses.

This showed it could think creatively rather than just retrieve basic information.

I promptec it to visualize the relationship between movie length and IMDB score.

It created a scatter plot, though the plot didn't reveal much, the app pro-actively suggested calculating a correlation coefficient.

I asked how IMDB scores changed over the years.

It plotted the average scores by year. You thought this demonstrated it understood the request and knew how to analyze and visualize the data.

I requested it plot movie quantity and check for a correlation with IMDB scores.

It plotted both and calculated a Pearson correlation coefficient.

I discuss the results (several possible interpretations) and additional context factors.

I requested it calculate the correlation coefficient as it had previously suggested.

It described the process and reported the result. You thought this showed the tool's reasoning and communication abilities combined with data analysis skills.

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