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Gen AI, Mind Mapping and tool integration

This is a demo of two different approaches to using AI and generative AI to create mind maps. It will show how AI is embedded in existing tools like Miro and also how a plugin can integrate generative AI into another tool. The goal is to leverage these techniques for brainstorming and capturing information.

Miro allows embedded generative AI to be used to expand and generate ideas for topics when creating a mind map about snooker. It provides a structured and visual way to collaborate with others.

ChatGPT is used with a plugin called AI Diagrams to generate a mind map from a prompt. This mind map is then visualized in the Whimsical tool. This shows another way of integrating generative AI to create mind maps for brainstorming and understanding complex topics.

In conclusion, the video demonstrated how AI and mind mapping can be combined using different approaches to accelerate processes like brainstorming, research, and capturing ideas. Both embedding AI within tools and using plugins are effective ways of leveraging generative AI.

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