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AI Demo's

These simple bots and features are quick and easy to create. They demonstrate the power and flexibility of the underpinning Generative AI and LLMs, as well as the ease of integration.


We will be adding more of these over time so come return here regularly to take a look. 

Ask our Da Vinci Bot anything!

This bot demonstrates Gen AIs ability to mimic styles and create artwork. 

Chat with a PDF or doc

Upload a document and auto-create a bot that will talk to you about its content. 

Website Bot

Provide a link to a website or set of pages, and auto-create a chat bot that talks about its content.

Search Engine Content Creator

A huge time saver & no need for SEO expertise! Give the AI a keyword, watch it generate articles meta and more!  

(Login access only)

Plagiarism checker

Check how closely content matches previously published materials including books and web content. 

(Login access only)

Novelty explorer

Input some simple guidance and receive novel recommendations for activities and outings.  

(Login access only)

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