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Our Goal

Create expertise and enable access to AI, not just to help companies thrive and build value, but also to ease inequity, and improve the lives of a more diverse group of individuals and organisations.

We believe that AI is on track to change work and play, peoples lives and organisations will be disrupted. In business, the winners will disproportionately be, larger, wealthier and more technology oriented . Success, wealth and influence will therefore continue to accrue to a smaller number of people, and the world will continue to become increasingly inequitable.

Our Founders Story

Over the years I have been fascinated with Artificial Intelligence in all its guises.


Early on as a science fiction concept, and eventually, and inevitably in business. 

Generative AI, is reshaping industries and changing lives, but this means that many will also get left behind. 

I'm all for technology, in particular the way that it extends our reach and enables us to do more in less time. 

My aim for AI in Business is that it helps organisations get up to speed and adopt Gen AI to level the paying field just a little.  

Luke Farley, Founder & Lead consultant

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