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Foundational knowledge & planning workshops

A practical hands-on course and workshops that build organisational knowledge and readiness:

  • Get your leadership and management teams up to speed with the coming Gen AI wave, its potential and pitfalls

  • Plan and create a suite of key foundational assets and documents to support your program for Gen AI adoption 


The hands-on course covers 10 key topic areas from the AI backstory, key recent developments and planning for the (near) future.


Learn more here.

Adopting and accelerating use of Gen AI 

A program tailored to each organisation (as defined in kick-off planning workshops) and drives initial adoption of Gen AI. Outcomes include:  

  • Creating operational efficiencies

  • An uplift in creativity and innovation

  • Establishing foundational knowledge amongst teams 

  • Minimise risks / issues, ensure ethical and compliant adoption 

Planning for, and delivering more complex initiatives 

This is a bespoke program that can either follow on from foundational activities or be run independently. If run standalone then it is initiated by planning workshops that utilise methods and processes to plan the program of work and expected outcomes. Outline: 

  • Planning: Use Cases, Benefits, Cost and effort, Delivery plan 

  • Delivery: Support for in-house teams, and/or utilising our teams and/or contractors

  • Reviews and Retros: Measuring and learning from outcomes 

Building Gen AI 'first' products and services

Generative AI in products and services will be a differentiator… until they are ubiquitous and mandatory. Creating successful products and services will require upskilling or establishment of new teams, which is a strategic undertaking. We support: 

  • Assessing options & viability

  • Engaging with audiences and stakeholders  

  • Running MVP/PoC projects 

  • Building teams and capabilities 

Got an AI project or product in mind?

Our services are designed to help you get started, benefit quickly and accelerate ahead of the pack. 

If you already have an IA based project or product in mind we can support the design, build and management of those too. 

Contact us to learn more. 

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